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Bird genie,ID bird songs

I bought this hoping for an easy solution It is far from being perfect. Hoping with future updates this app may yet prove to be very valuable in the field. It is a great idea.

Buyer beware

This is not recommended. The songs and calls do not play. Totally a waste.

Needs recording improvement

It has yet to iD a bird for me . The recording must need to be ultra pristine which is difficult even deep in the woods with aircraft background sound.

Great learning!

Fun tool, easy for me and my kids to use!

I can't believe this high rating!

I recorded a very clear, loud bird call, and it couldn't ID it. I tried a couple more. This app is useless, don't Get it!

Not the most user friendly - Helpful nevertheless

Although this is not the most user friendly, as mentioned - it is still very useful and does what it advertises. I too would like a better system to guide the user and update their sound recognition software to keep it in line with the ever improving technology. Otherwise I would have added the fifth star.


I agree with the comment, automatic recognition should be a right up front button for record/recognize so that one can capture the song; often only brief songs are available, and the bird and its song are gone before the, frustrating attempt to record it, is accomplished. Recognize should be a simple button that records instantly, and asks questions secondly.

Bird songs

I like this app because I hear birds singing and this helps me figure out what they are.

Not so good

I find the layout is user friendly and the overall concept is great. However, this app does not accurately identify birds, which is its main purpose.


This is an interesting app - the only clunky thing about it so far is that it takes more keystrokes than makes sense to access the record function. The birds don't tend to wait around as you look for the function.

Difficult to use

I am unhappy to report that this app is so unintuitive that it isn't useful. You have to go through several steps to make a recording, and by that time the bird has gone. Once, I managed a recording that was deemed "high quality" by the app and was then presented with what seemed to be a list of common backyard birds, none of which remotely resembled the recorded call.

Good good for the novice

Help to identify birds less common


Loving this app. I hear so many songs & wanted to know which birds were singing. Very helpful!

Works good, easy

Works good, easy to use

Love it

Great app.

Pretty good!

Just started using the app and its helpful but doesn't have all the songs or calls. I wish I could look up by call or song signature. When I hear a song and can't see the bird, I would like to find which bird sings by its song.

Great App for Bird Lover's

Worth twice the price. Hey, wait! I did pay twice the price! Extremely satisfied, too.


This is very useful and entertaining. It has made me highly aware of all the birds singing outside and encouraged me to watch them.


You have to be in a quiet area with little background noise. This works! I have identified several birds over the summer

Very good!

There are all kinds of apps, but there are few, in my opinion, that brings us closer to nature than those that help remind us how beautiful nature can be. Thanks to the Ornithologist at Bird Song for bringing us closer to that natural beauty of the original "song."

Very Good for my purpose

This is an app that is easy to use and very helpful to me.

Worth the investment

Works well. Helpful.


I did the cardinal call and one actually came! So ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Very enjoyable app

This app has helped me identify birds in my back yard and it's been a lot of fun!

Good apo

Works as advertised for a novice. Probably not enough federal for an advanced birder

Bird Song works in my back yard

I live along the river and have many different birds. With BirdSongId, I have been able to identify the birds in my backyard. It's a good app.

Does the job

Good app


Enjoy the bird identifier very much.

I am so disappointed.

I read the Shazam feature and thought that when I went outside the app would recognize my bird. This is no better than my other apps for song recognition. I don't want to bother to record I want the app to have at least a general idea of what Bird I'm listening to NOW

Excellent app, helpful to identify bird songs & sounds.

Very useful.

Bryon M

Been very happy. Gives great sounds and simple to use

Great ap

Enjoy using this ap. Great for finding and becoming acquainted with birds.

Very fun app

Overall quite useful, fun app.

User unfriendly

I specifically bought this app to ID bird songs in my backyard and assumed it would do just that since "ID automatic recognition" is in the app's title. Unfortunately, it took me a while to figure out how to create a recording in order to identify the song. The ID function is there, but buried under layers of taps, so it's definitely NOT the primary function of this app. If you were to put the ID/auto-recognition function on the home page and readily accessible that would be an improvement. For now, I feel that I have wasted my money.

Paul from PA

Exactly what I wanted. Excellent app

Generally pretty good

A bit counter-intuitive but useful.

Great App

This app works really well in identifying birds!

Want my money back

Not only was the app difficult to figure out how to use but is useless in recognizing birds. Not only did it not properly recognize two recordings of birds in my yard, but then I played bird songs from the Audubon Birds app on another device and this app failed to recognize 5 out of 5 birds! Waste of money!

Terrible App!

The library of birds is puny and it's ability to use your recordings is weak as a result. Very unuser friendly. I would like my money back!

Won't work

I paid $5 for this app and it does not work. I even played a bird song from another device right up next to it and it showed no recognition. Wish I could get my money back!

Very poor app

The audio recordings are hollow and distant. The index is not user friendly. I'd really like my $4.99 back.


This is amazing! Has so many birds by area and is great for beginners and experts.


Still learning how to use it!


Very difficult app to use. There are so many tabs and the navigation is confusing. It was difficult to figure out how to record, search and save bird songs. There is no way to search by region which is annoying because it shows you birds that aren't near you. This app needs a major UX overhaul, especially for something as complex as recording and identifying bird calls.

The Shazam of bird song

I really enjoy this app. It does have issues when multiple types of birds are singing, overall it really can help you figure things out. I like that it gives you a percentage match rate and easy access to all the possible birds photos and details. Another great feature is the ability to add onto your recording to get a better match possibility.

Great ID if you have clear loud audio

Main feature is the song ID, which works great if - and it is a big if - you can get a clear, loud recording. The UI could use a lot of help, but this is a free app, so it gets a big break on the rating there. Even without automatic birdsong identification, the app is a lot of fun to play with to listen to bird calls and learn to recognize them by ear.

Frustrating and inaccurate

I appreciate that the developers are trying to do something very difficult. It's also a very cool idea! I liked the interface they developed; the graphics were good, and I think it might have become fairly easy to use once you got used to it. But- 1. It was really hard to figure out how to record a bird's song from the main screen. That's what I bought this app for! 2. Once I got to where I could record birdsong, the app failed to record. Seriously, the on board voice memo app did better. This app requires you to record for 30 seconds, but it shuts down in less than a second with a failure message. For the record, what I was trying to record was a house wren singing nearby. If you know those little guys, you know how loud they are! The voice memo app recorded him perfectly. 3. Then I randomly looked up "Osprey". The range information given was not accurate. I hope iBird Northeast will still work after the latest iPhone update. That's a solid, simple app with accurate information. This one is a great idea that doesn't work well in practice.

Functional but clunky

Helps with identification. Could use some user interface improvement.

Nice app

Love the bird sound identification feature once I figured out how to us it. Wasn't to tricky, but instructions on how to use it isn't real clear. Helped me in identifying a bird I was hearing I hadn't heard before. Worth the download.

Singing companions

We moved to a 4 1/2 acre farm. There are several bird families here. With this ap we are able to identify them from their song. That allowed us to look them up in the picture identity. Now when we see them we know who they are and their song.

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