Bird Song Id USA Automatic Recognition Birds Songs App Reviews

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Not good!

Its difficult to get a good quality recording. App is identifying a Wood Thrush as a Brown Thrasher.


Love it!! Highly recommend...

Useless for me but maybe its my phone?

I dont know what phones the people giving this app 4 and 5 stars have, but Im using an iPhone 5s in my semi rural Central Florida backyard when there is no other ambient noise than the bird call I hear quite clearly and the app keeps on telling me that the recording was of very poor quality. I have tried several times over several days, both with and without the protective case, pointing the microphone in the direction of the bird, with the same results. It seems that unless youre within 10 feet of the bird (and how would that work? The bird would fly away!), the recording quality is always going to be bad. At least Im able to listen to samples to try and identify the calls of the birds that I do know visit my backyard, but I cant identify the ones that wont show themselves and its frustrating. For $5, I expected more of an app. I wish other reviewers would specify which phone they used.

Good for learning songs

I am learning the songs of the birds I can identify. While I can record unknown bird songs, the app hasnt yet been able to identify them. Im looking forward to improved song ID but for the price this is a good app.


Doesnt identify birds even if youre close and theyre loud. Keep getting warnings that the audio quality is too low or not long enough. Im sorry I spent money on it.

Love it

Very enjoyable app. My grandson loves it too

Great App to identify Songbird Sounds

So far, so good! I have been able to utilize this application to identify, by their singing, several species of Songbirds that visit our backyard bird feeders. It has been about 75% accurate, which I expect to get better with updates or having my iPhone build its Artificial Intelligence. Thank you from one very satisfied customer who happens to be an avid bird watcher!

Very cool app

Very cool app - now I can identify the beautiful songs and birds !

Feel a bit ripped off

I found the interface for recording and IDing bird songs to be very clumsy. In addition the app drains my battery. I had to uninstall it.

Very cool and useful app!

This app is really great as it does what it says. It automatically recognizes birds by their songs and calls. I’m not a birding expert but I like to know what’s around me. Thanks to the app I do know now! The automatic recognition works pretty well – I’ve cross-checked with the images in the app. It’s almost every time correct, i.e. that the result with the highest score is actually the singing bird in question. The app is perfectly tailored for me. It is easy to use and even when I’m out for a walk in the woods, I always carry my good old iPhone with me and now I’m able to quickly identify (let the app identify) all the singing birds on the way. The choice of birds covered by the app hits the spot. All the birds that I usually find around my place are in the app. So I can learn about them and brag about it occasionally. I love it and hope there’s gonna be more of this!

Very useful and accurate!

I love this app! As a amateur birder, it’s really helped me learn, discover and enjoy birds. Its made it much easier for me to get that practice in through the automatic recognition feature and by organizing songs into useful groups. Th app contains basic information for each species and beautiful, high-quality pictures. It also includes one song example and call notes per species. The app also really engaging and really goes the extra mile to help you identify birds more easily. I really enjoy how it turns practice sessions into fun quizzes. especially love the way the game plays the song and shows you multiple choice answers while also giving you an option to get a hint for the song. The game also gives you a sense of achievement by tracking your score and comparing it with other users so you can check on your progress. Love it and really recommend it!

Really useful

Grest to be able to work backward from sound to bird id

Great but need more.

Love to sit on your deck or in the woods and listen to birds? Wonder what birds youre hearing? This app helps identify them. Works now but can get better in time and with support.


I bought this app a couple of days ago and was excited to try it. Unfortunately, I am very disappointed in its performance. I have taken many bird call recordings in the absence of ambient sound and the app has yet to identify a single one. Really wish I hadnt wasted my money on this. Most of all, Im just very disappointed that it doesnt work.

Above average to say the least

I read some reviews before purchasing that made me skeptical of the abilities that this app would have. However, they were completely off!! This app is a genuine pleasure to use. I mostly enjoy it because its convenient and extremely helpful. The quiz function is probably a favorite because I love learning new things by being quizzed! It identifies the birds the birds that I hear very rapidly as well! This app will definitely help me to develop my skills as a bird watcher. This app is worth all the money in the world and I was more than glad to pay just $5. This app does exactly what it says and i have no complaints!


This is amazing! Has so many birds by area and is great for beginners and experts.

The future of bird guides

I really like the app and the opportunity to learn more about the songs of American birds. I think this is the future of bird and wildlife guides.

Its good

The app is fun

Poor app

Pretty disappointing. 20 feet away from a loud woodpecker and this app could not identify this bird. I have been unsuccessful at identifying any bird in sight with this app. Need substantial improvement to justify the price.

Great app!

Recently moved to country. This app is just what I needed to identify the large variety of birds out here.

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